Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Top 10 Running Moments in 2007

2007 was the first year in which I didn't resolve to qualify for Boston, and I qualified twice. So, in 2008, I will continue to not care and just see what happens. My only running-related new years resolution is to carry my own house key and not leave it in the keyhole.

So, I ran 1,800 miles last year, and assuming I averaged 9 minute mile pace, I spent over 11 days of time running. Good golly... all that time... Instead of wondering whether all that was worth it, I went through my memory to compile this list of highlights:
  1. Running neck to neck with Noah for 26 miles in the ODM
  2. Breaking 1:10 at Broad Street Run
  3. Getting an age-group prize at the Wissahickon Trail Classic
  4. The runs in Beartown State Forest in Great Barrington
  5. Run-hiking the snow-covered Goat Rocks Wilderness with Noah
  6. The perfect weather in Seattle and seeing cool neighborhoods because I got lost
  7. Wearing out two pairs of Asics Kayano 12, probably my favorite shoes ever
  8. The post-race spread and chillage at the Eastern State Breakout 5K
  9. Getting into the Philly Marathon even though registration was closed
  10. 13 miles of pace group running (and easy positive splitting) at the Philly Marathon

1 comment:

noah said...

wow - tough list to make! winning the marathon doesn't even make the cut!