Monday, October 22, 2007

Prison Break

Great Eastern State Breakout 5K Run – October 13, 2007
Belated Race Report

My time: 19:40
My place: 11-12th overall, 1st among females
Turnout: 168 finishers
Course: Streets of the Fairmount neighborhood, including running around the Eastern State Penitentiary and inside Girard College
Team Names: Robbers beat Cops!
Loot: Four course dinner for two at Jack’s Firehouse (but no pineapple!)
More loot: hot eggs, grilled bacon, cakes, muffins, bagels, bananas, coffee
Mugshot: I was in the street-sweepiest all-black combo of silk long underwear and shorts (pictures forthcoming)
Accomplice: My boss Kelly ran the race with me and we enjoyed a picnic on the lawn; she finished first in her age group in her Philadelphia debut.
Arrival at scene: Due to SEPTA dysfunction, I had to run from the Temple train station to the starting line. I still managed to positive split in the race :)
Get away:
Car driven by Leah, who met me at the finish to do a few more miles and then gave me a ride home

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