Thursday, June 21, 2007

Trail run in Beartown State Forest

When we got up yesterday, it was rainy and dark in Great Barrington. We had planned to a tri-state bikeride (MA, NY, CT), but the rain threatened to turn this day into a work day indoors. I started reading A Thousand Splendid Suns, a good book so far, but I didn't go on vacation just to read. By 10am or so, the rain lightened and we decided to go out to the fancy grocery store to get some lunch and dinner foods. If we couldn't run or bike, at least we would eat well.

Fortunately, as you could've guessed by the post's title, the dark clouds retreated and the day stayed cool even in the afternoon, enabling us to play outside. We drove to the Beartown State Forest a few miles away, and while Noah swam in Lake Benedict, I ran in the trails. When we were here last summer, I ran on the trail that loops around the lake and switched onto the Appalachian Trail. We also hiked on the Wildcat Trail and Lookout Trail on the forested, West side of the park.

Yesterday, I tried the Turkey Trail, which winds through the forest on the East side. It was a great trail for running. The surface switched from rocky to rooty to grassy to muddy. I stayed mindful but didn't find it too challenging. The trail was completely shaded by trees and secluded. The only noise I heard was the sounds of leaves rustling on this windy day. The environment was beautiful and meditative, and I just wished I could stay running for another hour. I felt good, too, and was getting into a groove when it was time to loop back. I think we'll be back here for running or hiking later this week.

The day continued to wake up, and by 4 pm, the sun was truly blazing. We rode our bikes to Connecticut, doing one leg of the tri-state bike ride. There were hardly any cars on the road. It's such a luxury to be able to ride side by side on roads during rush hour and to see farms, mountains, creeks, and little towns. Today, we'll bike to New York.

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