Thursday, November 1, 2007

I don't know...

I might be in the marathon afterall, and if I'm in, I have two people to thank: Betty and Susan. They saved my butt. Susan scoured the internet and found out that the race director told a person that she would accept mailed entries that are postmarked by today. Since I don't have a check on me and couldn't reach Noah between his classes, I tagged Betty who personally drove my race app and a check over to the post office at 4:30 pm and watched the postwoman stamp the postmark. The race app will be in the hands of marathon officials tomorrow and I will learn its outcome in a few days. Running 26.2 had never been as hard.

I didn't realized how much I had wanted to run the marathon until yesterday when I heard it was full and I helplessly placed a call to the marathon's headquarters. The alternatives weren't satisfactory -- I could sign up for the half on the same day or I could switch to much smaller marathons 3 hours of driving away.

No good no good. But to keep these options possible, we decided to still meet for the 20-22 miler scheduled last night. I was so pissed that I busted out of the office at 7:15 pace for 9 miles. And then I ran 8 more after meeting up with Noah in Roxborough. The trick-or-treaters were out and they joked that we dressed up as joggers and that the headlamps were somehow part of our "costume." Whatever. I felt great on the run (total of 17 miles) and declared myself ready for a race I couldn't sign up for anymore. There was no point to this run. This is life.

Anyway, I am in limbo now... if I get in, I have to redo the 20 miler this weekend and then taper; and after all this trouble, I better have a good day on Nov 18th. If I don't get in, I'm going to back off for a couple months before ramping up again in January.

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noah said...

Nothing in today's mail. But that would have been asking a lot, I guess.
I'm really dying to know, too!
Probably not as much as you are, of course.