Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Highlights from 2007

I'm not sure it's a top-ten list, but Helen's post inspired me to list some of the most memorable running and biking (and maybe, maybe even swimming) from last year.

So, in as much of a chronological order as I can:

-The long run we did in Dahlonega. Lost of hills, farms, cows, completely new roads.

-Training for the marathon with Helen, especially the ten-mile run in the snow we did the week before the race.

-Ocean Drive Marathon, especially the moment around mile 26 when I told Helen she was going to win the race.

-Great Barrington. A few memories from here, including the trail run we did, but also the long bike ride I did, and the ride I did with Helen when we were able to ride 2 abreast on country roads.

-The Cascades. Helen mentioned the Goat Rocks, which was amazing. Our hike the day before was pretty cool, too, when we made it up to the Pacific Crest Trail.

-Swimming in Lake Washington.

-Summer League Ultimate: coming back from a huge deficit to beat Trey's team.

-Anthracite Triathlon. Took 15 minutes off of my time from last year.

-Half-Wit trail half-marathon. Easily my favorite race of the year.

-My long ride in Vermont.

-The long run Helen and I did on Halloween, when everyone was out in their costumes.

-Running in the foothills of Albuquerque.

The funny thing, though, is that my memories are all kind of running together, and I think that's largely because my memories are about some of the things I did a lot of:

-The long runs with Helen – which probably happened more weeks than not this year. Some, like the Halloween one, stand out; but there's something nice about their consistency too.

-Biking my bread-and-butter loop.

-Biking the Valley Forge to French Creek loop. Not sure how many times I did that his year. 3? 4?

-Running with the Wanderers. The Thursday night runs when there's light; the Saturday morning runs, which I've started going to.

-The loops that Helen and I run - the Gun Loop, the Pelham Loop, the "Coboden" Loop.

So as I look forward to 2008, I'm anticipating a whole bunch of new experiences, but also a continued commitment to the routines I've developed. Riding the loops when it's not too cold, running when I'm not too sore, swimming when I have to, ultimate when I can.

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