Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Bread and Butter pics - part II

Part II of the pics of my ride.
Incidentally, I'm told that the interesting part of my ride starts in "Lansdale" and not "Landsdale," which seems believable.

On to the pics.

Barndt road. This is from a stretch on the shorter of the two loops.

This is a section of "Lonely Road" - truth be told, it's no lonelier than most roads out there.
The street sign. No, I don't think it's "that" Ridge road. Which is an avenue, anyway, maybe a pike. And well south of there.

I blew it on this next pic, I'm way too far. The road sign says "gameland road," and the larger sign says something like, "welcome to state game lands, hunt safely." This is on the longer loop, and it's the scariest part of the ride. I sometimes sing aloud on this section, making up songs about how I'm not game:

Another nervous part of my ride, and another blown pic. The road sign there says "gun club road." I do hear shots, although I suspect they know what they're doing. This is on White's Mill Road, I believe. From the shorter loop:
Another section of White's Mill Road:

This last pic is Swamp Creek Road. Hard to capture what a pretty road this is, or how fun it is to ride on it, but I like the Dali-esque feel to the photo.

Well, that's that. Right now it's all covered with snow, but I'm hoping soon to be back out there.

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Helen said...

Gunpoint that suppose to scare me into submission
A slave to your will, fear, greed and ambition
But I'm not game I'm not game
I'm not game to your flame
There's no discussion no discussion
I will fight to the end, fighter
I will fight to the end .....

"These Days" - Bamboo