Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Bread and Butter – Now With Pics! (part I)

A few months ago, I posted on my "bread and butter" ride, a 65-mile loop starting at my house, heading out to Landsdale, then out through a lot of mostly farm land. I've actually got a few variations, although they're all fairly similar. It's a lollypop ride, which can be anywhere from around 63 to maybe 73 or so miles long. It really gets nice after Landsdale.

I'd been planning on bringing a disposable camera for a while - and last week, judging by the trees in my 'hood, seemed like the perfect time.


Turns out, further NW of the city, the trees weren't as vibrant – they're a bit further along, it seemed. But these pictures are actually more representative - they really capture the late fall feel of the route.

These are the two varietes – I skipped the 15-17 miles (one way) taking me from our house to Landsdale. (Click on the photos for the gmap).

The shorter route:

The longer route:

The pics make the route seem flatter than it is, but it's by no means mountainous.

Anyway, without further adieu, the photos:

Landsale, Kriebel Road, I believe:

right nearby:

I've always had a certain fondness for this little building, since a time around 5 years ago when I waited out a thunderstorm in it.

Indian Creek Road:

I'm a sucker for photos of old school farms:

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Helen said...

The Kriebel Road photo is now my wallpaper. This looks like an amazing bike ride.