Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Happy Days

Noah and I ran together two days in a row. Sunday, we did 5 miles in west Mt. Airy, just wandering the streets. Despite some soreness for both of us, the run was relaxing. We probably ran slower than usual, but it's just a run, so it doesn't matter.

Yesterday, I was to get out of work late, but two appointments cancelled, so I was able to get home with some daylight left. We ran around Wyndmoor in what we have started to call "Coboden" loop. As soon as we crossed city line, the area felt decidedly suburbia -- with fewer pedestrians, no other runners, and people inside individual houses with the lights on. It's always very peaceful to run here. We ran harder and looked faster than the previous day. The loop was around 6 miles long.

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