Thursday, September 27, 2007


I have been wavering throughout the week about whether to taper for this Saturday's Fighting Irish 5K. On the one hand, it's just a local 5K and I'm trying to add mileage to finish a marathon in November. On the other hand, this 5K is my first shot at this distance since the Clean Air race that was measured short.

My undecisiveness about the taper meant that I have had a string of runs that are neither fast nor slow, long nor short, hilly nor unhilly. As a result, I'm far from fresh for the race--- my knees hurt and my back is sore, and I had skipped the mid-week 10 miler already. There's not much I can do now except go for another 6 mile run.

Sunday's race starts a mile from our house, so when I registered, I had been assuming that I'd have home course advantage. Turns out I don't. I just got back from trying to jog the course. I was completely lost half way into it. To make matters worse, I discovered hills that I wish I didn't know were there. The only way to avoid pulling a half-wit on Saturday is if volunteers show up to direct runners at intersections. I hope they do. I don't have high goals for this race, I just want to run a 5K, not more, not less.

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