Wednesday, June 13, 2007

This post is dedicated to rhubarb

I just finished the rhubarb strawberry crisp Noah baked last night. It was so good that I wished it is a chewing gun flavor so that I can taste it all day.

I woke up this morning unable to put my socks on. Again. My back was so stiff that it wouldn't curve just a little for my fingers to reach my toes even with my legs bent. I had the same problem with taking my socks off after the run last night. It wasn't fun but it was funny.

Last night's run was 4 x1200s with 90 seconds rest at 10K pace. Not having a 10K pace, Noah and I just used my Broad Street pace, since Renee Gunning ran Broad Street (10M) faster than the 10K PR she set on the track at the Penn Relays. The first two were hard but uneventful: 4:42, 4:34. On the third one, we decided to go around the track clockwise. This is my life on the wild side, folks. In my whole life of wandering, never once did I run around a track the wrong way (except during warm down on the outside lanes). Everything looks different in the clockwise world, and I was laughing on the first lap and got out of breath quickly. Once I settled down, I appreciated the curves being on my right side and people to the left and back of me. I felt that I can lean into the turns more. The third 1200 took 4:35. Good times.

Then, we all were kicked off the track. See, Chestnut Hill Academy closed the track to not use for graduation yesterday. So, we ran down to the Valley Green to do hills. Ran up hard for 2 minutes, jogged down, repeat. Noah totally kicked butt on these, whereas I was using the high knees approach, which was not as fast. I was wiped out on the ensuing jog home.

Yesterday's total: 7 1/4 miles.

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noah said...

rhubarb = good
sore back = not so good.