Thursday, June 14, 2007

Another deer sighting

This time, the deer merely jogged in front of me. I went for a 4-5 mile run last night to recover from Tuesday's track practice and Wednesday's iron-pumping session. Everything but the right hamstring wanted to go, but I kept that to myself until after the run. Coach Noah gave me an assignment for my own good: to lay off the headphones and listen to the evenness of my strides, which lately hasn't been at all even. My right leg likes to kick back high, my left leg prefers reaching forward. To each its own.

I smiled and took off, opting against the gun loop and headed straight down to the woods, Cantonese music in tow. By the time I got to Valley Green, my hamstrings had loosened up, and I was happy to enter the trails, where my pace naturally settled down. Even though the sky was cloudy, I enjoyed the serenity of these woods. I turned the music off and just listened to the trees and birds, and my feet hitting the ground. The strides were not even, but I couldn't seem to correct them. So I just let them be. I was feeling light and easy, not going to mess with how things look today. I was on the trail along the Cresheim Creek when the deer jogged across. It was totally harmless and cute. I guess I better get used to the deers around here.


Tonight: 9 miles on the roads of Chestnut Hill and Mount Airy. I needed some time to myself for thinking and feeling, so I just went out and ran. Didn't cry. Nice run, but there were too many cars out for 9 pm though.

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