Saturday, June 16, 2007

My New Trail Shoes

So I'd decided that it was time for me to get a pair of trail shoes. "Trail running shoes" is the term, I guess. But I've been doing enough runs on trails, and figure to run more on the trails as it gets hotter. I'm quite fond of my normal running shoes – I'm on my third pair – but on the more rocky trails I can really feel the individual rocks a lot.

So, off to Philadelphia Runner. I'm a pretty big fan of this shop – they just seem more knowledgeable than most other shops in terms of running shoes. I tried a few pairs, assuming that I'd wind up getting the New Balance ones. That's usually what happens. But instead I wound up getting a pair of Mizuno Wave Ascents. My second ever pair of Mizunos – the first was a pair of soccer cleats I bought in Bologna after Air France lost my luggage the day before a 2-day ultimate tournament. I played the next two days on them, and then the next two years. I'd be on my third pair of those as well by now, but they don't sell them in the states.

Anyway, went on the first run with the trail shoes today. No idea how far – we ran for 1:20 on the trails off of Forbidden Drive. A really nice run, some hills, some flats, Some new, some old. But the shoes held up really well. It made it a lot easier to run on the rocky stuff knowing that the smaller rocks weren't going to hurt as much on the bottom of my feet.

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