Monday, June 11, 2007

Beaten by a deer

Deers run fast. Noah and I went running on the Green Ribbon Trail and Fort Washington State Park yesterday. We ran up along the Wissahickon Creek in Flourtown and wandered and bushwacked around in the grass trails in the Militia Hill area for a good while. Then, as we crossed Skippack Pike to go into wooded trail, a deer flew acrossed about 10 yards in front of us and disappeared into the trees. My god she's fast. It's like that time when I saw a mouse in the house. Except this is a deer. She can run you over.

I felt bad for startling nature, but we kept going. To make sure we don't surprise or provoke any more deers, from that point on, Noah was clapping hands and snapping fingers, and I was saying "human, human, human..." every 10 seconds. I've run on this trail three times, and I've never run into any people here, so I guess deers thought it's a good place for them to hang out. And it is. It's beautiful and secluded, with the creek beside it for water.

Eventually, we got to Germantown Academy, one of two schools that my sister will teach in next year. (Betty, they have no-crack tennis courts with a working water fountain next to them!) We crossed Morris Road and tried to find the trail that supposedly continues, but once again, failed to find it. So, we turned around and ran back to Stenton Road.

That 11 mile run wraps up a 43 mile week, not including the running around during a frisbee game in which I caught twice. Given that I'm not ramping up for a marathon, that's plenty of running. But I'm feeling peppy and my legs aren't sore. And we live in a neighborhood that not only offers lots of shade but also constantly smells like jasmine. So even though the weather has been hot, I'm always tempted to run. And running has helped me get over the stresses of some work stuff and the periodic ruts I find myself in. So, it's all good.

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Ben Johnson, 2010 said...

Hi Helen - I am a dental student at Temple University and am a member of the Temple Haiti Club. Each year we go to Haiti and provide dental care to the impoverished people of Haiti. We are having our first annual Temple Haiti Club Miles for Smiles fun run in this very park on June 14th. If you are interested then you can find more information at our website at stay tuned for registration information if you are interested. It is for a great cause! Thanks, Ben