Thursday, April 26, 2007

Phillies Game and Penn Relays

Noah and I went to the Phillies game last night with his sister and two nephews. The Phillies beat the Nationals 9-3. It was a fun game to watch. Not only did we win, we saw many exciting plays. Ryan Howard's home run hit just zipped out of the stadium against the wind. It was more amazing than watching it on TV.

As a runner, I instinctively cheered for the baseball players to run fast. I couldn't help it. I'd yell "run, run run!"and get all jumpy as soon as the bat meets the ball, as if the gun just went off for the start of a race. When I watched Pat Burrell run base to base -- hard but not particularly fast, I kept thinking back to watching Leroy Burrell and Dawn Burrell, professional track athletes, at the Penn Relays, and how much faster they are. I know it's totally unfair.

I'm excited about going to the Penn Relays tonight. I will get to yell "run, run, run, oooooo" to strangers and still be seen as normal. Few outdoor experiences beat sitting in the Franklin Field, hearing the cheers, soaking in the Relays atmosphere, and talking running. Except maybe running in the Relays. These are the events I hope to watch:

College women 4 X 400
High school girls distance medley
High school girls Mile and 3000M
College men steeplechase

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