Friday, April 27, 2007


Yesterday was a DNR - did not run. This DNR is caused by the following:

1. evening plans (Penn Relays + Dining Out for Life)
2. sleep deprivation (Too tired to wake up an hour earlier to run)
3. botched lunch run attempt (Due to the absence of sports bra in the office. Other than running shoes, the sports bra is the only thing I absolutely need to run. I was so bummed when I started to get dressed and realized that I had everything but It.)

So, I thought I'd just run this morning, but there is still #2. And the sky was pouring ... cold rain is not my friend. I got the zzz's but I have not been myself all day. I am like tickle me Elmo with the sound turned off. Argh.

I'll run tonight. It'll be the last important run before Broad Street, so I'll have to make it good. Prediction: 11-13 miles at 8:15 mm.

The effect of yesterday's DNR is that I am definitely not going to the race tomorrow morning. My ankles, legs and I need the rest, and I gotta plug the leak in my wallet. I will watch the Penn Relays on TV and then go outside and imitate the 180 strides per minute turnover.

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