Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Some sad news:
Another marathoner dies from drinking too much water

I picture this guy, running at an 8 minute mile pace like me, stopping every other mile to drink water because the weather was so hot in the London Marathon on Sunday. I'm sure everyone told him to drink, and it made perfect sense to. Unfortunately, drinking too much water, without of corresponding levels of salts and minerals intake, is a common cause of collapse during the marathon. It's more than just hitting the wall or cramping, people die. And it seems to me that sometimes people don't know it's coming. If they're a little lightheaded, they figure they're dehydrated and drink more water. It makes me sad each time I hear of a case of like this.


I ran 7.5 easy miles with Noah this morning, just out to Valley Green, up Forbidden Drive, and back via the covered bridge. What a beautiful morning -- sunny, cool, and light. We've been waking up earlier just naturally, and it's nice to use that extra time to share a run together before going in to work.

No running tonight. We're going to a Phillies game.

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