Saturday, August 14, 2010

So THAT'S What It Looks Like

Tomorrow is the Half-Wit Half Marathon.
In the past I have criticized this race some, but really, this is one of my favorite races, one that I look forward to a lot, one that Helen and I plan around.

My main criticisms in the past came from going off course the first two times I ran it - for reasons that I thought were avoidable by better signs and better volunteer placement. Nor does the RD make the course available ahead of time. It's a trail half marathon, and while I do think it's pretty close to the distance, it's not like these things are USATF certified. I'm not sure that an official map exists.

Last year was the first year I was able to run the race and not go off course. I paid attention, tried to remember what I could. I also got lucky some. But as this race was approaching this year, Helen suggested I look on-line, that maybe someone had posted a GPS file of the course.

She was right! A few people had, and I was able to look over the course some. And my main reaction?

I had no idea, none, that it looked like that.

It's a really long, narrow course. Who knew?

Running in the Wissahickon can be disorienting, but I know its boundaries. And it's got the creek running right down the middle. Without knowing the roads around the half-wit course, I just had no sense at all.

Will this new-found knowledge help? I'll find out tomorrow.

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