Friday, July 4, 2008

Independence Day

People think I hit the jackpot, dating a runner. In reality, I do most of my runs by myself anyway. Today is Independence Day, a day off from work, and I wasn't able to sleep in. I didn't want to be a charity case at the WBs' run, which Noah joined because he had heard about it since Wednesday. So I strike out on my own for a run. I was ready to run away, to be free, but I felt tired from several hard days this week..

I wound up on Forbidden Drive where you see all these families, couples, and friends hanging out. It was a quite a sight. I thought, these are people who know how to spend a day off. My run celebrated independence, and I felt whole and good and all, but there is a way to be free but not alone. Or maybe you just can't have it all.

I'm off to get the family fix this afternoon and to celebrate our freedom to choose to eat meat until we drop.


Richard said...

26 people have Lore of Running in the profile. I am going to visit there blogs. I just stared reading yours, it looks great.

ngchingyee said...

Free but not alone, how wonderful !