Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Got spare ribs?

I fell off my bike on Germantown Avenue 10 days ago and got a whole bunch of bruises and cuts. Most have healed, including my neck, hips, and teeth. But the wounds on my knee are still working on closing up, and I have a bruised rib or two. The pain is far from constant, but it is sharp when it strikes. I went to the gym today, and pumping iron hurts my ribs. Fortunately, these injuries haven't affected my running, other than having salty sweat involuntarily drip down to sting open wounds. Overall, I am lucky, and I just hope everything heals quickly.

On a whole different topic:

Maybe two of the five dedicated readers of this blog caught that I've updated the "Next Big Race" page element a little while ago. Yep, I am signed up to run in the Philadelphia Marathon in November. My college running buddy Elaine, who is also signed up, gave me the final nudge to do it. So, I'm in!

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WestBankDiaries said...

Hey, sorry to hear about your injuries! I hope you heal quickly! I'm sure you'll kick butt this year in the marathon!!! I'll come out and cheer you on and hopefully I'll see you this time!