Tuesday, May 6, 2008

BSR Epilogue

What’s lucky:
- The F-bib
- My old blue Asics
- Positive splits
- PT exercises

It’s time to improve on:
- Tapering
- Drinking from a cup and running at the same time
- Reading the splits on my watch

Happy Thoughts
- How great it is to have people root for me. Thank you so much, if you’re reading this.
- I enjoyed the post-race party. It’s fun to swap stories after the race, esp when everyone ran really well. Also, Tammy Leigh's pie and Polly's salsa.
- Cheering crowds on a Sunday morning
- Broad Street (love this course, this race, Philly)
- Taking the Broad Street Express (Septa L bus) to the start
- Chilling out for the next couple of months and figuring out what to do next
- Sore legs

1 comment:

noah said...

we'll work on the drinking-while-running thing. ;-)
meanwhile, i'm confident that your F-bib is safe for next year.