Sunday, May 25, 2008

Helen: Les Palmarès Croissent

Helen won today's charliehorse trail half-marathon – and decisively, too! 1:39, which is pretty good for any half-marathon, really.

This adds to a very impressive season for Helen, with her win at Clean Air, 3rd place at Tyler, and winning her age group at Broad Street. Go Helen!

The race was good, for the most part. Kind of a strange race, actually – part cinder trails, part single track, around 3 miles on-road (half straight down, half straight up). Oh, and 2 creek crossings in the first mile (one almost waist deep). It's hot, it's cold… who knows what shoes to wear?

Frustrating race for me, as I missed a turn and wound up losing around 3-4 minutes. In trail races, I’ve now done two and gone off course in both – and both times, following people in front of me. Hoping that the third time's the charm. Although that third time will be on home turf - the wissahickon trail classic, coming up in a few weeks, which we'll both be doing.

Meanwhile, congrats to Helen - her first overall victory in a trail race or a half-marathon!

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