Monday, January 21, 2008

More prescribed rest

I think my spring season is shot. I met with my doctor today for the 6-week check-up on my foot, ankle, and thigh, all of which are operating at 99%. I asked him to take a look at my right knee, which since falling have hurt whenever I run. It's not screaming pain, but the pain is moderate and present at every step, running or walking.

After an hour of flexing and four x-rays, he's reasonably sure that what I have is a bone bruise. It's not a fracture and there's no ligament or meniscus damage, but it's the swelling and bruising inside the knee that makes it painful to run.

Kids can fall and scrape their knees and cry and get up and run around again. Adults, assuming I am one, falling the same way apparently would scrape their knees AND suffer a bone contusion. No fair.

How do you treat a bone bruise? I knew it before he uttered the words "rest, ice, and ibprofen" - the Rii in the age of Wii. How much rest? 1-2 weeks or until it doesn't hurt to walk. :(

Given how little I have run since the Philadelphia Marathon, it's clear that I won't be ready in time for Wirefly (March) or Boston (April) this year. I also won't be seeing spectacular times (for me) for a while. I might even shake Ed's hand at Broad Street this year if I bonk out early enough. 2007 was my one hit wonder. I'll have to take time to regroup.

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Johnson said...

Hang in there. It's your body's way of saying "HEY! I need some rest!" It sucks, but I bet you'll be running PRs in no time! *hugs*