Friday, January 18, 2008

Lunch time quickie

When I started my new job in July, I was just hoping to finally have a normal boss. After working with characters from The Office, that's all I wanted. Just like when the Eagles hired back Reno Mahe to return punts earlier last year because at least he can catch the ball; return optional. Unlike the Eagles, I got a SUPER boss. It's taking some time to get used to her awesomeness.

Her awesomeness meant that I was able to break away from the office to go for a run today, AND she encouraged me to take long lunch breaks a few times a week to go for runs. Love her! Love running under the winter sun! Love that I can go to happy hour after work and drink.

5 miles, sore butt (from PT), clear head, happy heart.

1 comment:

noah said...

Just to clarify...
Not that she isn't a super boss, but isn't the deal, "long lunch to run, then stay later"?