Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Step 1: Admitting I have a problem

I'm sure Bob Loblaw will continue to blog here, but Positive Splits is taking a week off from running to heal the nagging pains on her right foot and right thigh. I haven't quite accepted the reality that my good podiatrist uttered the words "no running" to me in broad daylight, but I paid $80 for that advice, so I better try it... this rest thing...gosh what was he thinking... It sure will be harder than running 26 miles.

At least X-rays show that nothing is broken or fractured.

Oh, and apparently, I have an extra bone in my right foot. Anyone want it? I don't need it anymore.

Today, I got one of those comments that we runners often hear: "Was that you running at Evergreen and something last night at around 9:30?" Oh yes, that was me. You thought you saw me, right? Last night, a car actually came to a complete stop at an intersection, flashed its brights, and let me cross first before taking the foot off the brake pedal. Wow, right?! Turns out to be an old coworker who was excited to finally recognize someone out of context in the dark. But it'll be a week before I run into any more people.


Betty said...

glad nothing is broken or fractured!

you know, you should re-gift your bone to someone...i hear bones are top on the list this holiday season. :)

YogaLina said...

Sorry to hear this but take advantage and enjoy the down time. Maybe you can try yoga or go swimming, but really I think your body just needs to rest! Let's me in town for coffee though... how is your weekend? Email or call me:-)