Monday, October 29, 2007

Ode to an ankle sprain --> boo!

I had planned on writing about the marathon taper today, three weeks from the Philly Mary, but since I haven't signed up for the race yet, I will blog about why I might not be able to race. Because why not? I have another sprained right cankle.

Yesterday, I was 10 minutes into a road 11-miler that just passes through half a mile of trails, when my klutzy self could not manage the footing underneath, and then #&$&*%#$&%#, my right ankle rolled out. OW, it hurt. OW, it hurt to put weight on it. OW, it's wobbly unstable. OW, I was stuck in the woods.

I hopped on one leg to Forbidden Drive where the ground is flat and soft. Then, I decided to jog the rest of the loop. The downhills were not fun, and my left leg which had to do more work wasn't smiling about this decision, but the rest of the run was mostly okay.

Any semi-regular reader of this blog knows my drill with ankle sprains:
1. intermittent icing
2. sporadic double Advil
3. bust out the ankle protection program -- wearing hiking boots at work
4. skip a day of running and return to the roads
5. tape the ankle up for trails and tennis for a month


Betty said...

boo indeed!

i love how your left leg wasn't smiling...that's great.

not that i'm saying you should get your ankle sprained more, but i think you may have quota for another pair of boots to go into the APP. :)

Helen said...

You're genius! I DO have quota in the APP for a Sprain Prevention Apparatus, or SPA.