Saturday, September 8, 2007

I've been biking

I've been running, too, but – as usual – less than Helen. But today I went on a 100-mile ride, or "century." I think it's my third this year. It was based on a new route, the one that the "livestrong" ride used. That route is a century ride, with a 70 mile option, that starts out at Montgomery County Community College. I was thinking that the 70-mile route, plus biking to and from MCCC, would equal around 100. It actually wound up around 92, so I tooled around a bit in the 'hood before heading in. Seemed like I should get to that mark… although I guess I’m not sure why. It made sense at the time, but after the first 80 miles sometimes I stop thinking all that clearly. Especially on days like today, when it really starts to heat up.

The route's nice, but not fantastic. I'd like to try the full 100-mile version of the loop (either as a 120 mile ride, or driving out and back). Some really nice scenery, but a bit more traffic than I'd like at parts. Not horrible, just more than on the other long routes I know. Oh – there was one part where the traffic was horrible, but I'd lost the route by that point. A guy gave me directions, but it required biking a bit on route 100 and leaving it via an "exit" – never a good sign.

Bike did fine. Some clicking at times, which I don't quite get. And a flat tire on my front tire – that tube had lasted for over 4500 miles without a flat, so that's disappointing. The rear has flatted a bunch of times, this was the first time for the front.

I've been back home for over four hours now, I still feel drained.

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