Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The 2nd place finisher at PDR

Apparently, the 2nd place guy at the Philadelphia Distance Run, who was blind in one eye, misinterpreted the finish line and got passed by the 1st place guy at the end, losing by 2 seconds. I feel bad for him. The gloating by the winner was also out of control. (I was going to win anyway with my imposing kick. - paraphrased)

Leading a race is hard work, and leading when you can only kind of see is frustrating. Before I got contact lens, I ran cross-country with glasses with steam on one side and rain on the other. I still remember how inconvenient it was. I guess reading about the PDR puts my mishaps at the half-wit marathon (where I went off the course) in perspective. Only a horse's ass trophy was at stake in my case, but there is a huge difference in the 1st and 2nd place paycheck at the PDR.

I will cheer for you next year, Tom Nyariki! In the mean time, let's get Asics to sponsor both of us.

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