Tuesday, August 7, 2007


It was 90 degrees with 70% humidity at 6pm today, but 12 people showed up for track practice. One of the half-wits was me. I'm not sure why I went, given that I am tapering and given that I hate being in the heat. I guess I was just curious about who would show up, and I could use the camaraderie (apparently not spelled like "comrade"). Anyway, I was there at the track.

Sharon and I ran the intervals together, and we did:
2 X 400 at 1:30 followed by 30 seconds rest
1 X 1600 at 6:25 followed by 3 minutes rest
2 X 400 at 1:30 followed by 30 seconds rest

It wasn't as tough as I had anticipated as we hit all the times we wanted to. I felt good. Sweat was oozing out of our every pore and flowing, dripping and soaking the track beneath us. After the workout, we stood there chatting, each amused that the others had shown up. On a day like this, I tend to ask myself- Why do I run? (And also- Why haven't I moved to California?) I run because there are still people out there crazier than me, and I like them.

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