Monday, August 6, 2007

Best shoes for long trail race

I discovered a flaw with my present portfolio of running shoes, consisting of the Asics road shoes and the Brooks trail shoes. For the upcoming trail half-marathon, both pairs of shoes would work well, but I only get to wear a pair, and ideally the left should match the right. I don't know what to do.

I've decided to try both shoes out with and without orthodics while running on trails in hopes that some combination would emerge as a clear leader. The road shoes are proven - I've run a marathon in March and a 10K trail race in June in them. They are light and provide good support for a long run. The trail shoes are less supportive but theoretically offers better traction and "rock protection" and doesn't absorb water (good for those stream crossings). I have never raced in them, but they are made for trail running. They are both great shoes for me.


The Half-Wit Half Marathon is on Sunday, but I don't feel ready. I am going to ease up this week and try to do the best I can, safely, and still enjoy the race. With 13 miles of hilly trails, 100+ steps up, beer stations, and a bunch of die hards from this area, the Half-Wit can be really fun if I can stay on my feet.

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