Friday, July 13, 2007

Exploring shoe testing

At work yesterday, I was researching careers when I thought I'd look into what it takes to become a shoe tester for a running shoe company :) In other words, I want to get running shoes for free and give opinions on how they run. In another life, I would've been trained in biomechanics and worked for Asics, but it's not really an option now.

I saw on that they are indeed looking for weartesters. Woo hoo, I thought, maybe I could get some Cascadia 3 trail shoes, perhaps ones designed for overpronators. Who knows. I got excited and read on. Unfortunately, they are looking for a very specific sort of runner, and I don't fit the profile. They needed womens size 8.5 and living in Seattle, or a severe overpronator. I am neither. Bummer. All I want to do is "volunteer."

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