Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Where have all the fast-twitch gone?

I went to the track for the Wanderer's Tuesday practice, the fast-twitch fibers did not come with. Today's assignment was 800-400 four times at 5K pace. I thought "okay." But I had missed the memo that said my 5K pace was 6 minute miles. 6mm is my dream 5K pace. Or my 1 mile pace. Not my current, realistic 5K pace.

Regardless, off we went. We = Sharon and I. The pace felt fast from the very beginning. Having missed two track practices in a row, my legs were clearly not ready for such intensity. I had a hard time with even the one lappers. But, good for us, we hit all the intervals a few seconds under 6 mm pace. I just had to dig very deep to overcome my sluggishness. Don't let anyone tell you that playing frisbee for two weeks will help you with speed on the track. It's a lie. Play frisbee to play frisbee, not more.

It was nice to catch up with people. Susan won the race she ran in on Saturday. Sharon is doing another triathlon next weekend. Megan is tapering for the marathon. There's a runners barbecue this Sunday in Roxborough after the bike race. And apparently, one fit runner (not a Wanderer) died or nearly died at the race on Saturday.

There were some new guys today... just as I thought I got everyone's name now. New guy Rob is distinguished by his lengthy stride, but you could say that about a lot of people in the club. I tried to unload my Applebees gift certificates, but there were no takers. Apparently, a whole round of unloading already occured. Boo!

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Tom said...

I'm enjoying reading all your posts. Thanks for sharing your passion.