Friday, June 29, 2007

massive bruise

My calf has turned into a massive bruise, sore to the touch, but not balled up anymore. I ran 4 miles yesterday morning and loosened things up before work. Then last night, we played frisbee. We won and are undefeated. Noah did an awesome job and the team finally noticed. It was only okay fun for me... Even though my calf was 70% by then, I felt slow stopping and turning. One of the women I guarded was pretty quick and tall, and it was a bit hard keeping up with her. I switched to anybody but her, and then I was okay.

Calf condition got upgraded to 85% this morning. So at lunch, we, my calf and I, went to the track to do three mile repeats. Planned on starting at 6:50 and then progressively faster. Ended up with 6:19, 6:09, and 6:05. I'm satisfied with the times, but I felt sluggish and heavy the whole time. Something is off, and it's more than the calf. And it's not about actual speed.


This injury recovered a lot faster than I thought. I iced 4-5 times and took Aleve, but mostly my mind had been pretty chill about it. I think ever since I got a new job, and especially since the drive up to MA, I have felt incredibly calm and chirpy. I haven't been my hormonal self more than once. When the guy stepped on my calf, I was like, "oh it sucks," as if it wasn't my calf. I was amused by the quirks of my calf contusion (this one is for Betty!), so I just waited for it go away. And it went away in a few days. I'm ready for Seattle next week.

Now, I just hope that the massive bruise goes away so that I can lay on my back with my legs flat again. It would improve the quality of my sleep tremendously.

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Betty said...

new jobs and a vaca makes a lot of people calm and chirpy! :) glad your contusion (haha!!) is healing! cya in a few hours! :-D