Saturday, May 5, 2007

The Weather Forecast for Tomorrow's Triathlon: Not Good


Stacey Richter said...

Hope you were ok at the Triathlon. My brother competed. I spectated. Gotta say I feared for all your lives. From a bystander's standpoint, that race was downright frightening to witness.

Here's what I thought.

I myself almost got run over by a schoolbus full of daylaborers. Although I've witnessed a massive number of running races, this was the first tri I've been to.

Are they all this way?

Stacey Richter said...

Interesting. Hmmm.

Maybe it was just the people who weren't in a pack that got lost. (? just a theory.)

From a spectator's perspective, there were errant racers all over the place... Coming out of the transition area going the wrong direction, turning down roads by mistake (or not turning at all)...

My bleeding heart went out to all the battered and bedraggled athletes adding extra length to the course.

Anyway, just wondered what other racers (besides my bro) thought about it.