Thursday, May 3, 2007

FDR Park run with Leah

I went on a nice run with Leah today in South Philly. We ran from Broad and Oregon down to the entrance to the Naval Yard, made a U-turn, ran one loop of FDR Park, and back up to Oregon. Total distance was around 3.5 miles. It was nice to catch up with Leah on school, running, and her volunteer trip to Palestine this summer. I miss runs like this where we could just not think about the legs moving and just say what comes to mind and process the day's events, vent if needbe, and relate to another person. It was as much a social opportunity as it is about running.

We also got to check out the last two miles of the Broad Street Run course, which indeed features an incline for a quarter mile around mile 9. I knew there was a reason (other than going out too fast) that I run out of energy around here every year.

For future refernce, the link here maps the loop inside FDR park, which is 1.63 miles long:

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Leah said...

It was great having a "therapy" run with you too! Hopefully within the next couple of weeks I'll be back to our original 5-6 mile runs and at a quicker pace, although not at your lightning speed!