Friday, May 25, 2007

Running shoes are becoming more specialized

As I took a mental inventory of my running shoes, I realize I now have five inactive pairs in my possession. Five.

Since I move every two years, I have tried to make a habit of *not* being a pack rat. But my old, worn-out running shoes have been the exception. Seems like every pair is too special to just throw out. I put so much thought into buying each pair and ran more than 500 miles on them. I would eventually recycle or donate the shoes, but I tend to want to hang on to them for special purposes a little longer first. Back in the day, when mom had a lawn to mow, my old running shoes became shoes I wore to mow the lawns. Or I would keep a pair of old running shoes in her house for the two times a year I played tennis with my sisters there.

Nowadays, the purposes are different, but the hoarding is still the same. I figure that if I can justify keeping them, I can wait until we move again to toss them. For curious people with medium frames and low arches, here's what I've got:

Brooks Axiom 2004 - for walking to the basement
Brooks Adrenaline 2004 - for running just on soft or rocky trails (the cushioning is done)
Saucony Hurricane 2005 blue - for keeping because Noah got me them
Saucony Hurricane 2005 yellow - for walking to work
Asics Kayano 2006 - for keeping at work for the impromptu walk to the gym

I don't have a problem and I don't need any help. I just wonder if other runners do the same thing. :)

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noah said...

just to clarify - a pair of 'basement shoes' is quite key in this house, esp. since the rest of the house is a shoe-free zone.
so, all her shoes have their place.

that might not be true after the next bump-down, though.