Monday, May 28, 2007

Running shoes' life outside of running

Since worn-out running shoes continue to serve multiple specialized functions for many years longer, shoe manufacturers should design running shoes with their afterlife in mind. If you’re a shoe company, you can make shoes that runners run in for 500 miles and then are discarded or get used in the basement while the runner mix paints, never seeing daylight again. Or you can make shoes that last the same 500 miles and then five more years as walking shoes in the city, serving as moving billboards for your brand. Which would you rather make?

By my estimate, many runners choose running shoes based on fit and comfort, not appearance. But looks matter for taking walks, wearing jeans, running into your ex, going to work, etc. Therefore, I don’t think I’m reaching to suggest that companies make running shoes go with non-running clothes so that we get more mileage out of them

I wear my white-based running shoes to work, but I change out of them once I am in the office. But if I had these:

After 500 miles of running, I can continue to walk in these shoes all the time. They will be more comfortable than any other shoes and they won’t totally clash with civilization. I have done my research on, and most of the people who left a comment on these shoes got them for walking. Runners are getting the 2120’s in the other colors, but that’s just short-sighted.

Shoe companies don’t have to limit themselves to black and brown. They can also make running shoes look cool for cool purposes. People are wearing those vintage Saucony’s. Can't they put the advanced midsoles in those shoes so runners can run in them too? Or sell swappable soles so that when I run my shoes out, I don’t have to replace the whole pair?

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