Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Mile repeats / Pace work

Today, Noah and I joined the Wanderers track practice for some pace work. The assignment today --- mile repeats at Broad Street pace. I've found it helpful to check out my speed during the week before an important race. That way, on race day, I would know how hard I should be breathing, how hard the race should feel, etc. Back to the mile repeats, we ran the first one at my probable race pace -- 7:00. The second and third were in 6:45 -- potentially doable but unlikely race pace. They felt hard. I had hoped to break 1:10 this year, but really I would be very happy with anything under 1:12. Maybe I will find a race gear on Sunday.

Noah's doing a half-ironman on Sunday, which includes a half-marathon as the third segment, so these paces were too fast for him, and unnecessary. [Clarification: Because it's a longer race, he doesn't have to run, and train, as fast.] I feel bad for setting the wrong pace when he came with to run. I hope he recovers well this week and somehow benefits from this speed work.

Several people from the group did a trail running + canoeing race on Sunday. That sounded fun, but I'd never try to race it. It's be cool for Noah and me to do it for the experience of it.

Today's total is 5 miles. I will continue to taper but I don't feel particularly fresh yet.

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noah said...

yeah, they were too fast. i should have been smarter and not done them so fast. or even just not done my first track workout of the season on the eve of a long race. now i just have to hope this knot in my back is gone by Sunday.