Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Definitely our child

Look at those lungs!

Our little Zonker arrived on St. Patrick's Day. He weighed 6 lbs, 9 ozs and was 19 inches long. We are doing well. He's got big feet, meaty and fin-like (with medium-low arches) . At first we thought that meant he'd be a swimmer like his mom, but then we gave him a bath and learned that he doesn't like the water. If he decides to be an endurance athlete, he will be able to use that innate ability to scream for hours with the look of suffering on his face.

For those who tuned in to this blog to check out our running, I jogged 3-6 miles a day until the day I went into labor. After the baby "dropped," I actually felt better and could maintain 9-minute/mile pace. Since he was born, I've rested for a week and then have been walking a few miles everyday. Childbirth is *so much* harder than marathons, but I think running has helped me have a quick delivery and recovery.


Brad Linder said...

Maybe his future lies in competitive eating?

tmac said...

Dear runner (s) a former serious runner, I still enjoy reading about the experience of other runners. Between age 43 and 63, my kids tell me my running log books record a total of 37,000 miles...including 6 marathons

I still miss the thrill and feeling of well-being...serious asthma and a knee injury made me switch to cycling.

run well, but safely

Mtn Doc