Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Giving thanks

All of the thanksgiving posts over at my work blog got me thinking, man, my life is so good! I am having a good year. I married my favorite person in May. We then took a vacation in Morocco and France. I have great family and friends, a job that I am good at, and coworkers I like. And now, we're expecting a mini-us in March!

On that topic, I am thankful that despite all of the tests and worries early on, our piglet is healthy and I am feeling well. Sure, this is the year when I finally figured out how to keep my hamstrings working properly (by swimming), and now I have to cut back (20% so far). But I am still happy to be running. Also, I have no strange food cravings or aversions. So, the eating and running will continue. :)
And all of this is to say that, I feel so lucky and so thankful, just about all of the time.

Happy thanksgiving to all!

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