Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Broad Street Run 2010

I didn't PR, but I ran as well as I could given the conditions, which was hot, humid, and facing a headwind. If I had been more strategic or been a little tougher, maybe I'd have been a little faster. But I ran my heart and lungs out. After a decent first half where I felt good (31:47), the wheels fell off in South Philly. The air was so thick and it got to me.  By the time I reached the gates to enter the Navy Yard, a quarter mile before the finish, I was lightheaded, gasping for air, and breathing loudly. But I kicked, passed more people, and wound up with 1:05:54. This was good for 3rd AG!

Here's a picture of the finish - I'm the person in white and blue with the arms driving across my chest.

  • My hamstrings and hips behaved during the race.
  • Thanks to relentless efforts by Noah to suppress my activity during the week, I tapered well for this race.
  • I started in the second wave and got to pass people the whole way, even when I was fading.
  • Running the hardest miles with Noah.

  • Heat, humidity, headwind
  • Running behind a woman who had pooped in her shorts, not recognizing that and not passing her until mile 9
  • Such negative thinking during the race
  • Cramping up big time after the race
My race by the numbers:

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