Friday, March 26, 2010

Back in the Saddle

Tomorrow morning, Helen and I are running in the Tyler Arboretum 10k.
For Helen, it's her first race since PDR; for me, my first since the marathon.

Helen's been sandbagging, but I expect her to do well. She was 3rd two years ago and 2nd last year. I'm not promising victory. But I am hoping that between Helen, Polly, and Sharon, the Wanderers can rock the podium, at least on the women's side.

As for me, I'm kinda nervous.

There are external reasons to be nervous – it's gonna be COLD, and there are four (4) creek crossings. Four. 4. Creek crossings. With, you know, water.

But truth be told, I was nervous before it got cold.

I just have no idea what to expect. Last spring I was doing really well. And this past fall, I did better. My hope was that the strong marathon would lead to a stronger spring season – what happened to Helen in 07-08. But it's been a tough winter. Couldn't really ride, most of the running was snow running. And I managed to be dinged up for much of the time – including now. My ankle's been bugging me for a while now, and I just don't know how seriously to take it. Oh, and I'm around 6-7 pounds heavier than I was when I ran the marathon. I think of last year's Tyler as something of a breakout race for me, but I went into it having already run Ugly Mudder and Ceasar Rodney. This'll be my first race of the season. The marathon and PDR seem like ancient memories.

On the other hand, I have run a lot of miles this winter, more than the winter before. And I'm, uhm, rested.

So, really, I have no idea what to expect from my performance. I know what to expect from the course – it's rolling. It'll be cold. And there will be four (4) creek crossings. In, you know, water.

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