Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Flip-Side of Snow Running is... biking.

2009, and the first weeks of 2010, have been big running years for me.
What they haven't been, though, are big biking years. There, I'm totally out of it.

2009 started out with a lot more biking. Although it didn't feel like it at the time, I had biked around the same amount, through August, that I had in the past few years. This was highlighted by some fantastic biking in Great Barrington and in Vermont.

Since then, I've done a lot less.

I knew, going into marathon training, that it would mean less biking. And that was ok. Not good, but ok. I still got out around once a week or so. What I didn't get to do, though, was the regular, long weekend ride.

Since the marathon, though, I've barely gotten out at all. It's been COLD! And SNOWY! And that's coming on 3 months now since the marathon.

A few years ago, I was able to do so much biking over winter break. I remember going out on my 65 mile ride the Saturday before Christmas. It wasn't balmy, but with the right grear, it was totally doable. Am I just being wimpier this year? I don't think so. Much of the time, there's actual ice. And with the snow on the ground, I'm guessing at least 2 weeks – and maybe even 3 – before roads are ridable.

Part of the trade-off was getting to run in the snow. And I can accept that. Helen and I ran 15 miles today, much of it on packed snow. It beats me up a lot less. But now, I'm ready. I want a real winter, but I'd just like a few of those days when I'm not teaching, when it's over 40 degrees, and I can take off for a bunch of hours and just lose myself on my ride.

Of course, right now, I'm not even in shape for that. I did spend 40 minutes riding the trainer on Sunday. Just isn't the same.

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