Thursday, May 7, 2009

Broad Street Run 2009

This is Broad Street #9 for me. I used to think the people who run under 1:10 are crazy. But, here I am now, breaking 1:10 for the third time in a row. On the grand scheme of things, it is a really good result. In my narrow mind, however, I am disappointed. Even though life and health have gotten in the way of my running, I was still hoping to finish near last year's time of 1:02. I've been making excuses and rationalizing since the race ended. Since I've already blocked out the details of the race, I will just post these excuses, and then share the highlights of the day.

  • Stomach ache all last week; leading up to diarrhea right before the start.
  • Poor nutrition and hydration before and during the race. I must've stopped for a whole minute just trying to drink something.
  • My hip and hamstrings have been bugging me ever since I ran the Tyler 10K and returned to the track. They also caused pain during the race.
  • Rolled an ankle on the trails two weeks ago that I can still feel.
  • My back and quads were constantly sore from packing, moving, and walking up three flights of stairs to do anything in the new house.
  • Scored another 1 mile PR en route - 5:44.
  • Seeing and hearing so many people I know running and cheering in spite of the rain.
  • Post-race party featuring hot grill and hot tea.
  • Coming home to this:
Next race
  • Possibly Mudder Mayhem on Saturday and definitely Race for the Cure on Sunday.
  • When I get lazy with blog posts, I tweet. See right side bar for updates.

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