Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Snow Running in the Wissahickon (in March!)

I took advantage of the non-teaching day today and went for a beautiful run in the Wissahickon. Yesterday I'd been kind of bummed about the March snowstorm (especially if Temple once again chose not to cancel classes!), but since I'm not teaching on Tuesdays this semester, today was a great day to get out and go for a run.

The Good: Really, the awesome. One of the really nice things about consistently running in the Wissahickon is seeing the seasons change, and today was a great example of that. The snow on the ground, the ice on the creek, the sun through the leafless trees.

I started off down at Northwestern, not really looking forward to the run. But soon enough I'd taken my headphones off and was just enjoying running in the snow and the sun. Most of the trails were already fairly well-traveled, but in a few places I really felt like I was out breaking new ground, since it's so windy that the footsteps got blown away. Very little ice, decent footing; the downhills felt softer, even going down pain hill. The uphills were harder, but I was ok with that.

The Bad: I wish I hadn't done this run alone; this would have been a great day to run with Helen. She's starting to reintegrate trail running, and the snow makes trail running easier, in a lot of ways. I usually discourage Helen from playing hooky, since she invariably winds up working off the clock, but she would have really enjoyed this.

Also, gotta say: kind of a sore ankle right now. I don't think it's from twisting it or anything, just from the different movements that the snow requires.

The Ugly: People who snowmobile in the Wissahickon are the scum of the earth. Lots of trails torn up on the Roxborough side.

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