Friday, March 27, 2009

Finding our bearings

The "Gun Loop" has been our default running route since we moved to Chestnut Hill two and a half years ago. We're finally moving out of here, and I'm really going to miss how this five mile route just flows through our neighborhood -- from row house blocks, to twins, to the mansion district, to the apartment complexes, and back to our row house block. I'll miss the hills -- and how what used to be a "hill of death" (Norwood, for any local person reading) is now merely an incline to me. I'll especially miss the versatility of the route -- you can run it at night in the dark and feel safe or you can run it during traffic hours because the streets have sidewalks. Occasionally, I would even do a double loop and practice positive splitting.

I'm a variety person, but I feel that every runner needs a route that they can roll out of bed and just do in her zombie state. Noah and I are now wondering what our go-to route is going to be once we move. So, I went on gmap and drew a 5-mile loop from the new house and then asked Noah to name it.

Arghhh... it's New Jersey!

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Brad Linder said...

Wow, you're running through the whole state of NJ? That sounds exhausting! (Of course, a 5 mile run sounds exhausting to me, so what do I know. :)