Thursday, January 1, 2009

Noah's Goals for 2009

I don't really do running resolutions, or fitness resolutions.
The closest I came was 2 years ago, when one of my resolutions was to stop letting training get in the way of my work. That one's still in effect, and it's one of the reasons for my not having full-on fitness resolutions. But I do have goals. And, for 2009, those goals start with the following:
1) Run the Four Corners.
This one I'm confident I can do. It's a roughly 21-mile run in the Wissahickon. I ran three of the corners last week. I was sore afterwards, but not insanely so. I could see getting this one done over the next month.
2) Complete a trail race without going off course. (Must be non-Wissahickon).
This one *should* be doable. But I've run 4 trail races so far, and went off-course in 3 of them. The 4th was on home turf. I'd like to change that this year.
3) Do more group rides.
This one's pretty straightforward. Every year I want to do more, and every year I do nothing to actually make that happen.
4) Run a marathon in less than 3 hours.
This one will be hard. I ran a 3:08 last spring. I'm planning on running Philly next fall (so 18 months later). I'm hoping that consistent running during that time will make me faster, but still plan on doing a lot of training for the race.

I'm sure that other goals will come up during the year. But this seems like a good set to start off with.
Happy New Year everyone!

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