Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cycling Fitness: fading, fading…

So it's not only blog postings that have fallen victim to our busy schedules this fall.
Yes, our schedules have made it harder to give updates. Our present training, too, hasn't really lent itself to updates. Helen's making progress, but she's still not 100%. I'm still running quite a bit, but with no races planned, it's pretty much just routine.

I figured out last spring that it's very possible to get a decent amount of running in with a busy schedule. And that remains the case. But biking is harder. My job this semester requires quite a bit of face time at the office, making it harder to get a mid-length ride in during the week. I had been riding my bike into work some, but haven't since a car hit me in early October. (I'm fine, wasn't hurt at all; I need to get my rear wheel fixed, though, and I've been as lazy about that as I have been about posting).

I'm still getting a ride in most weekends. Some have been quite nice. A few weeks ago, when we were out in Yardley, Helen and I went out for a nice ride through some of the scenic roads of Bucks County. Otherwise, I've usually been doing some portion of my bread-and-butter loop most weekends. Doing the full thing has been pretty rare, though, and the one time in the last few months that I did it really was tough.

This morning I did 45 miles of it. It was a nice ride, but I really couldn't push it.

So I'm torn what to do. On the one hand, I'm still enjoying the rides. I can call it 'base miles' and just wait until vacation starts and hope that the weather lets me get more rides in then. I could call it 'off season' and stop worrying about it at all. Or I can lug my trainer up from the basement and start getting more "miles" in that way. (Ugh. Trainer miles… I dunno).

So that's the decision I've gotta make.

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