Tuesday, April 8, 2008

HTH?: Tyler Arboretum 10K

Tyler Arboretum 10K

When: Sunday, April 5, 2008, 9 am
Conditions: Cloudy, 50 degrees
Course: The whole race was either uphill or downhill on soft trails. Four creek crossings. (see left)
Groupie of: Wissahickon Wanderers
Time: 46:03
Place: 3rd Female of 51; 26th overall out of 163

(1) Finishing
(2) Not spraining either ankle
(3) Not wandering off course (volunteers were fantastic and course was well marked)
(4) Getting a PR in a 10K
(5) The beer after at the Iron Hill brewery

(1) Legs were tired before the start
(2) To save legs, I decided not to warm up
(3) Starting out too hard; slugging out every mile
(4) Feeling hungry during the race despite having banana bread in the car

Morning after opinion: This race is too fast for my taste. I would've liked to slow down and enjoy the scenery a little more.

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Noah said...

Don't let her fool you - Helen kicked some serious butt on this race, esp. since she entered it w/tired legs. There was a *huge* gap btwn her and woman # 4.