Friday, April 25, 2008

The fast pokes at the Penn Relays

I love the Penn Relays. Yesterday after work, Leah and I caught some college 4X400s. Today at lunch, a coworker (who used to run for the fast local high school Conestoga) and I saw:
  • college women's 4 X 100 (won by LSU with a record time)
  • men's and women's olympic development 4x100 (blazing fast)
  • elementary shuttle relays (it's like field day, with long white t-shirts)
  • annual mascot race in the infield. (Click on the image for other entertaining photographs. All credit goes to the Philadelphia Inquirer.)
I have read about the mascot race before, but this is the first time I got to see it. Apparently, Swoop, the Eagles' mascot, false started twice. I was rooting for the fighting Quaker, who was just a middle of the packer. The race isn't even close -- Dunkin Donuts, which managed to get their logo on every race number, finished first. Now that's another sponsor (besides Asics) I wouldn't mind having... just wish they'd get rid of their styrofoam cups. I love their coffee.

Because I am a dork, I also found this blog on soft pretzel logic about gun carriers Bill Cosby, Amy Gutman and Arlene Ackerman funny.

Between the marathon trials, Boston, and Penn Relays, all happening within the same week, it's been a struggle for me to get any extra work done.

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