Monday, February 11, 2008

Post-Weekend round-up

Well, I'd hoped to run and bike this past weekend.

I certainly ran. I didn't bike, though.

I'd wanted to do the Saturday morning trail run, because I'll miss it next week. And, for the marathon training, the 18-mile long run wasn't really one I could skip because I felt like doing something else.

The original plan I'd settled on also involved a quick, easy bike ride with my friend Caleb on Saturday, post-run. But it was a bit cold and starting to rain, he was still sleeping when I called, so the bike ride didn't happen.

Sunday, long run. I actually made it! 18 miles, with Helen's company for the first 16.5. Probably the tiredest I've been on a long run so far, with the exception of one fast-finish long run, which was supposed to be hard. Now that I think about it, though, I did a lot better on that 16 mile fast-finish long run than on this slower-paced 18 mile run. Hmmm. But it's been a busy week. I ran 44 miles this week, which I think may be the most miles I've run in any week, ever.

That said, I haven't been on the bike nearly enough. It's been hard to find the time to get outside or the mental strength to ride on the trainer. But this running plan has always been based on having a significant cross-training component, and I've let myself get away from that. So, for this coming week, at least one outdoor ride, at least one trainer ride.

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